Meet the people behind Habeamus

So you want to know who the people making the excellent Habeamus are? We finally decided to show our faces, and here they are.

Simon, one of the designers


When I started my career as a biologist I was investigating the fundamentals of photosynthesis and thus food production. But then I switched to working as designer and developer of virtual reality games helping patients cope with chronic pain. It is the combination of these rather disparate fields that is my main source of inspiration for game mechanics and themes/stories.

I find it satisfying to transform highly complex traits of nature into simple and fun elements of play and make fitting stories out of them.

Johannes, the other designer


I'm a computer scientist and mathematician during office hours, and a player otherwise. I tend to tinker with games all the time, whether they are computer games, board games or puzzles. Sometimes my little son helps playtest, although he's a bit too little for verbal feedback yet.
My background in maths and comp-sci helps me to work out even the most complicated rule scenarios and to balance all the details.

Habeamus is one of the things I'd wanted to do for a long time and now I finally have the team to do it right!

Katharina, the artist

Katharina exactly did I end up here? Back then, when I was a design student with too much spare time on her hands, I received an interesting e-mail with a job offer. Not the only one I received that day, but it turned out to be the most interesting one for a long time.

And now I'm still a student (thank god that that’s over soon), don't have a lot of time, but am still working with these guys.